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Winter works at Woodfrys Farm

Much of the winter has been spent laying the hedges down Mill Hollow as part of our Countryside Stewardship grant. The dark green tree tunnel is no more (well not on our side anyway!)

As with every job we do, it always leads to other jobs, so now we will need to give the barns some much needed TLC and a spruce up - something for the summer jobs list no-doubt!

Initially the hedgelaying looks brutal, but it won't be long before everything is sprouting up again from the bottom, creating dense hedge and new habitats for birds and insects.

All of the timber harvested from the laying will be put to good use. We've saved decent poles for building and re-use, the woodchips is being used to mulch all our hedges and fruit trees, and the timber will be used for campfires onsite. We even then collect the woodash after the fires and use it to fertilise our fruit trees and bushes. Nothing goes to waste!

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