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The Jeffersons

About us

Hello and welcome to Woodfrys.

We are Liam, Hannah and Freja and we live on this beautiful 25 acre farm nestled below Melbury Beacon in Melbury Abbas, North Dorset.

In 2024  the campsite will be five years old and this the third year we have worked with the Greener Camping club.  We have been working hard over the winter to get the site ready for visitors. Thank you for all the positive feedback and 5 star reviews so far!  We're keen campers ourselves and have built the site around what we love about living outdoors and closer to nature.


For those of you who join the club here, we're looking forward to planting your trees and seeing them grow. Since we moved here we've planted 4352 trees and can find room for plenty more! We run community planting events each year so come and lend a hand!

We live onsite in a caravan year-round and are developing and restoring the farm. We're committed to improving the environment and making a personal difference to the world around us. You can read how here

About the farm

We started farming here in 2018 and we are slowly restoring the 25 acre holding to create a productive farm and campsite which is rich in wildlife. 

We are a small scale producer of beef, pork and eggs which have been raised with care, through nature friendly farming methods.


Our animals are pedigree rare breeds, such as the Traditional Hereford cattle and the Saddleback. We work hard to help these breeds to continue to thrive. Not only are these breeds hardy and well adapted to our farm, but they create a high quality end product - be that meat for the table, or high caliber breeding stock.


In time, we'll be developing a productive market garden, and we've already begun to plant up areas with orchards and soft fruits so we can provide fruit and vegetables to campers and locals alike. 

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A great place to stay awhile

The farm is centred around a large lake and water meadow, fed by the Sturkel, a chalk stream which is great for cooling your toes in on a hot day.  


Surrounded by mature trees and buzzing with wildlife, it's an easy place to relax. Tawny owls and bats like the Soprano Pipistrelle fly the skies at night, whilst in the day the ducks, herons and occasional egret spend time here. If you're really lucky you'll spot a splash of blue as a kingfisher darts by.

Walk the quiet lanes and paths nearby, and don't miss a hike up to the top of Melbury Hill and Fontmell Down, owned by the National Trust with striking views of Shaftesbury and the Blackmore Vale, or head out in your car to discover all that Dorset has to offer, with  great beaches, and market towns within an hour's drive. 

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