About the farm

Woodfrys Farm is a family-run smallholding, in Melbury Abbas close to Shaftesbury, North Dorset.

We are a small scale producer of beef, lamb, pork, eggs & chickens which have been raised with care, through nature friendly farming methods.

The farm was established in 2018, and we are on a journey of restoring the 25 acre holding to create a productive farm, which is rich in wildlife. 


Our animals are pedigree rare breeds, such as the Traditional Hereford cattle, Dorset Down sheep, and the very rare British Lop pig. We work hard to help these breeds to continue to thrive. Not only are these breeds hardy and well adapted to our farm, but they create a high quality end product - be that meat for the table, or high calibre breeding stock.

Traditional Herefords, Woodfrys Farm, North Dorset, rare breed, pedigree

A great place to stay awhile

The farm is centred around a large lake and water meadow, fed by the Sturkel, a chalk stream which is great for cooling your toes in on a hot day.  


Surrounded by mature trees and buzzing with wildlife, it's an easy place to relax. Tawny owls and bats fly the skies at night, whilst in the day the ducks, swans and occasional Egret spend time here. 

Walk the quiet lanes and paths nearby, and don't miss a hike up to the top of Melbury Hill and Fontmell Down, owned by the National Trust with striking views of Shaftesbury and the Blackmore Vale, or head out in your car to discover all that Dorset has to offer, with  great beaches, and market towns within an hours' drive. 


Woodfrys Farm

Redmans Lane

Melbury Abbas, Dorset



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