Below are our terms and conditions which are an essential read if you

would like to book to stay.

You can also find our privacy policy here, and our Corona Virus policy here

1. Coronavirus Booking Guarantee. 

Book with complete confidence at Woodfrys Farm with our Coronavirus Booking Guarantee. We guarantee the following clear policy for your booking:

  • 30% Deposit

    • Bookings made with this Guarantee will require only a 30% deposit at the time of booking.

  • Balance payment 30 days before holiday

    • A balance payment for the full amount will be due 30 days before the holiday starts, when you can be confident that your holiday is going ahead.

  • Flexible Rebooking Policy

    • In the event of cancellation due to Coronavirus restrictions or for self-isolation, the customer has the flexibility to move their holiday to any available date up to the end of 2021 (the 'flexible rebooking policy') with no additional charges. The customer must notify Woodfrys Farm Limited by 12 noon of the day prior to the start date of the holiday (the 'rebooking deadline') if they wish to make use of the flexible rebooking policy. If the customer does not notify Woodfrys Farm Limited by the rebooking deadline, it will be assumed that the holiday will be going ahead and therefore the flexible rebooking policy will no longer apply. In that event, if the customer does not subsequently check in on the holiday start day, the full payment will be forfeited and no refunds will be made, in line with the clear and express terms of this Guarantee. Any deviation from these clear and express terms are entirely at the discretion of Woodfrys Farm Limited with the exception of subsequent local or national restrictions being imposed after the rebooking deadline, in which case the flexible rebooking policy would still be applied. The flexible rebooking policy is only available for cancellations related to genuine Coronavirus restrictions. Flexible rebooking is not available for cancellations related to weather or other reasons. In the event that the customer uses the flexible rebooking policy and chooses a date where the same accommodation is only available at a higher price, the additional prevailing rate for the stay will be due.

  • Cancellations by you due to Covid

    • Due to the flexible rebooking policy, the low deposit and late balance payments, no refunds are available to the customer on any funds paid to the campsite (either the deposit or the balance payment). If the customer fails to pay the balance by 30 days prior to the holiday start date, the deposit may be deemed to be forfeited and the booking cancelled. In such an event the flexible rebooking policy will no longer apply.

  • Cancellations for reasons other than Covid: 

    • Our cancellation charges are calculated according to the time between when we receive notification from you that you wish to cancel your booking and the start of your booking. 

      • More than 30 days £15 adminstration fee

      • Between 15 and 30 days 50% refund of the total booking charge

      • Less than 14 days or after the booking start date, no refund. 

    • If you cancel your booking, your £10 Greener Camping Club membership is non-refundable and you cannot withdraw your membership. You will continue to be a member of the Greener Camping Club and can continue to enjoy the benefits of your membership card and use it to stay at other GCC certified campsites.


      Insurance - We recommend additional cancellation insurance to cover in the event of cancellations other than Coronavirus restrictions

2. Cancellation by Us

Woodfrys Farm Ltd reserves the right to cancel a camping holiday at short notice if we are unable to provide a safe camping environment, due to extreme weather conditions, ill health, fire, flooding or any other extenuating circumstances beyond our control. Under such circumstances, your full payment will be returned to you. Woodfrys Farm Ltd cannot accept liability or responsibility for any loss, including consequential loss, caused by cancellation. The Greener Camping Club membership fee is not refundable.

3. Arrival & departure

You can arrive onsite between 2pm and 8pm on your arrival day.  Departure by 11am, leaving your pitch clean and tidy with all rubbish recycled. Thank you.

3. Children

There are many opportunities for play and adventure at Woodfrys Farm. As we are a working farm, and also have a lake and a chalk stream there are contingent risks to be aware of. The biggest risk for children is water, withthe lake an unfenced pond, ditches and a chalk stream. Fishing is only permitted in designated swims and pole fishing is not allowed, please see the fishing page for more information.. We allow (in fact we encourage) campfires. We have pigs, chickens and cattle, and use a tractor and mower onsite. These risks are small and should be self-evident - but if you are not clear, please ask! Woodfrys Farm Ltd accepts no responsibility for injury incurred on site. Parents are responsible for the supervision of their children on site at all times. If parents are concerned about water risk, we would recommend you camp on the Ridge as access to the Water Meadow is gated. 

4. Lakes, pond and stream

Swimming is not permitted in the lake, but paddling and enjoying the stream is very much part of the fun here. Please do not remove any plant life from the stream, and sorry no dam building or going under the bridges. Adults must supervise children at all times. If you are fishing, please ensure you have a rod licence and follow the guidance on the fishing page.

5. Cars & Campervans

The speed limit while on the farm is no more than 5 mph. If you are staying in the Water Meadow you may take your car down to the entrance of the meadow on arrival day to set up - and on departure day to pack up. For the rest of your stay, cars must be parked in the car park area. Campervans are only permitted on the Ridge and may park in their pitch. If you book to camp on the Ridge, you must use the designated parking area.  If we have had periods of prolonged rain and on arrival or departure days the ground is considered (by us) to be too soft to drive on, please use the wheelbarrows to transport your gear. Help will be provided by us if required.

6. Recycling & Rubbish

A condition of camping here that you recycle your rubbish. That means separating glass, cans, plastic, paper, cardboard and food waste and place them in the special bins provided.  What is left, ie. only items that are not recyclable, can be placed in the small landfill bin.

7. Badgers, Foxes, Otters, Deer, Owls etc

Woodfrys is blessed with wildlife, it literally will be all around you. At night you'll hear the hoot of a Tawny Owl, or hear something scurrying around (and yes it could be an otter!) They may be on the hunt for an easy meal or curious to explore your camp, and could try to raid your food stocks and recycling. One or two simple precautions will help. Put your food in suitable, hard containers and your recycling in the bins provided. Don’t leave food scraps lying around and make sure your tent is zipped up at bedtime.

8. Campfires & Firewood

Please use the firepits and ensure they are not too close to tents or vehicles, taking into account the wind direction. Only firewood purchased from us can be used onsite. All our firewood is fully sustainable and harvested on the farm. Please burn only wood not tins or plastic as we recycle the ash to fertilise the fields and improve our soils. Please use the ash bins to dispose of ash when you need to.

9. Consideration for Others

This is a peaceful, quiet campsite for the enjoyment of nature, and we have neighbours nearby. We do not allow radios, stereos or other sound systems and only quiet talking is permitted after 10.00pm. Acoustic instruments can be played before then. Noisy visitors who disturb other guests will be asked politely to leave, without refund (this has never needed to happen). If you are out for the night and arrive back late, please be considerate to local residents and campers and make sure you have a torch as we are in a International Dark Sky Reserve and you'll need a torch to find your way to your tent or campervan. If the behaviour of a Member, or that of their children or dog(s), causes nuisance to other Members, or there is persistent violation of the these terms and conditions, the Site Owner is empowered to instruct the Member to cease the behaviour/violation, or leave the site immediately without refund.

10. Electric hookup

Electric hook up is available on the Ridge pitches only. 

11. Dogs

We permit up to two well behaved dogs per pitch. Please pick up and bag up waste and dispose of it in the designated bin. Please keep your dogs under control at all times, using a lead when around livestock and communual areas for the benefit of other campers who may not like dogs. No swimming in the lake, but splashing about in the stream is fine.

12. Property Loss

Woodfrys Farm Ltd cannot be held responsible for any lost or stolen property. 

12. Departure

Members must vacate their pitch/unit on the day of departure by 11am at the latest. Vacated pitches/units must be left clear of all personal property, debris and refuse. Please do not dispose of any unwanted camping equipment here but remove it from the site to dispose of it yourself.