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Woodfrys Farm is a campsite with a green and sustainable ethos at it's heart.  If you want to get back to nature in fantastic surroundings, then this campsite is for you.


Suitable for tents and campervans only,  it is a small seasonal campsite set amongst a beautiful lake and chalk stream - great for family fun. You can choose from a Water Meadow pitch with the lake or the stream on your pitch, or from the Ridge, a raised bank area which gives you a stunning perspective of the lake and water meadow.  

Enjoy all the wildlife or walk out from the door to many beautiful places


If you want a few creature comforts then what about the Withy Hut, a restored shepherds hut which is over 100 years old and was made by the famous Farris hut builders of Shaftesbury.

The hut was restored in 2021, keeping as much of it's original character as possible to create a simple and comfy place for 2 people to enjoy. 

Outside you'll find a hand-crafted field kitchen with dining table, and your own private shower shack with compost toilet. There's a fire pit and space to put up an extra tent or park a campervan if you want to bring your family.



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