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Woodfrys Farm has an acre of lake which sits in the middle of the water meadow. 

The lake is long overdue restoration (another one of the future farm projects we have on our job's list!) where we will need to de-silt it to improve it's depth and make it better for fishing and for wildlife. We are probably a couple of years away from undertaking this work.

That said, the pond has lots of carp, rudd, roach and tench in it, but mostly carp, and many a happy hour can be passed here sitting quietly and waiting for a bite. Carp are not huge - average size is 2lb -3lb, but some are much bigger. One of the old records here was for 19lb, but we think it unlikely that there's anything of this size in the lake currently due to the silt levels. 

Campers can fish whilst they stay, but you do need a Environment Agency rod licence, which can be purchased online - click here for information and to organise your licence. Children 12 and under do not need a licence. Children must be supervised at all times, and cannot fish unaccompanied. 

No night fishing even if camping. 

Keep nets allowed if fine mesh

Barb-less hooks please

No pole fishing due to overhead power line. 

Please pay attention when casting, and to onsite signage.

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